The Giveaway Oscar Lewenstein/Richard Eyre 1969

Adam's Apple Michael White/Philip Grout 1970

She's Done it Again Brian Rix/Wally Douglas 1970


Why Bournemouth? Patrick Dromgoole/Ambiance Theatre 1968

It Has No Choice Roland Rees/Ambiance Theatre

A Minor Scene Roland Rees/Ambiance Theatre

Homo Roland Rees/Ambiance Theatre

Stimulation Almost Free Theatre/Ed Berman

Super Santa Almost Free Theatre/Ed Berman

How The Vote Was Won Gate Theatre/ Tamara Hinchco 1986

Daughters of Men Hampstead Theatre/ Nancy Meckler 1986


The Baachae Playhouse Cambridge /Bob Walker 1970

Bus Stop (Cherrie) Richmond Theatre/ Robert Cartland 1970

Not Now Darling Yvonne Arnold Theatre,Guildford / Ray Cooney

Who Goes Bare Theatre Royal,Windsor/ Barry Morse/ 1970

Murder in The Office Theatre Royal/Brighton 1972

Not Now Darling Westcliff Theatre/Tony Church 1973

Don't Look Now Guildford Theatre / Bob Furze 1974

Under The Hill (Aubrey Beardsley) Cockpit/David Leland 1976


The Saint ITC/John Gilling 1964

Danger Man ITC/Don Chaffey 1965

199 Park Lane BBCTV/Bill Sellars 1965

After Many a Summer BBCTV/Rex Tucker 1965

World of Wooster BBCTV/Michael Mills 1966

Buddenbrooks BBCTV/Michael Imison 1966

The Enchanted Night BBCTV/Geotge Foa 1966

A Man Like That BBCTV / Peter Duguid

Newcomers (series) BBCTV/Piers Haggard/ Michael Imison etc

Beachcomber (series) BBCTC/Spike Miligan 1966

Hugh & I BBCTV/David Croft 1966

Bed Sit Girl BBCTV/Graeme Muir 1966

Take a Pair of Private Eyes (series) BBC TV/ Christopher Barry

Adam Adamant BBCTV/ Michael Lewis

All Night Sitting(Feydeau) BBCTV

Alan Bennett/Beyond The Margin BBCTV/Patrick Garland

Compensation Alice ABCTV/Patrick Dromgoole

Des O'Conner Show ATV 1967

Morecombe & Wise ATV 1967

Budgie (series) London Weekend TV/ Mike Lindsay-Hogg-

The Sun Shines Bright Over Charlie Chaplin BBCTV //Bob Hurd

Dracula Thames TV

M + M Harlech/Leonard White

Clutterbuck BBCTV/Wally Douglas 1970

On The Margin BBCTV

Steptoe & Son BBCTV/John Howard Davies

My Wife Next Door BBCTV

Men of Affairs Harlech/Wally Douglas

The Likely Lads BBCTV

The Last of the Summer Wine BBCTV

The Wonderful World of Chick Murray BBCTV/ Bob Hurd

She's Done it Again BBC TV/Wally Douglas

Kindley Leave The Stage BBCTV/Sydney Lotterby

Dick Emery BBC TV

New Scotland Yard Thames TV

Crown Court Granada

The Persuaders ATV

The Sweeney Euston Films

I Didn't Know You Cared Granada

Black & Blue(Middle of the Road Show) Granada /Mike Newell

Nearest & Dearest Granada

Q 5,6,7 & 8 (series) BBCTV/Spike Milligan

Brideshead Revisited Granada/Michael Lindsay-Hogg1980

Fox (series) London Weekend TV/James Goddard 1980


Charlie Burke Biographic Cartoons 1964

Saturday Night Out Compton/Bob Hartford-Davies 1964

The Beauty Jungle Val Guest Productions1964

A Hard Day's Night Walter Shenson/ Dick Lester 1965

Goldfinger Eon/Guy Hamilton 1965

Ferry 'Cross The Mersey Jeremy Summers 1965

White Savage Security/Greg Tallas 1965

Trois Chambres a Manhattan Montaigne Films/Marcel Carne 1965

Promise Her Anything Seven Arts/Arthur Hiller 1965

Great St,Trinian's Train

Robbery Launder/Gilliat 1965

Carry On Cowboy Pieter Rogers/Ralph Thomas 1965

Jekyll & Hyde Dan Curtis/John Moxey 1967

Don't Raise The Bridge

Lower The Water Universal/Jerry Lewis 1967

Witchfinder General Tigon/Michael Reeves 1970

Heironymous Merkin Anthony Newley/1969

Crooks & Coronets 1969

The Best House in London Bridge/Philip Saville 1969

Frenzy Rank/Hitchcock

Carry on Henry Rogers/Thomas 1970

Tomorrow Eon 1970

Carry on at Your Convenience Rogers/Thomas 1971

Carry on Matron " 1972

No Sex Please,We're British Universal 1973

Carry on Dick Rogers/Thomas 1974

Carry on Girls " 1974

Birthright Magpie Films/Jacky Garstin1986

Split Images R.C.F.C./Jacky Garstin1986

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