I quite unexpectedly shot into the limelight with my very first film role in 'Goldfinger' in 1964 when I was only 20 years old. Eon films had wanted me to be the body for the iconic titles sequence and I agreed if they gave me a part in the film (Dink). An offer of a two year contract to publicise the film followed but I turned this down on the grounds that I would find it difficult to 'live down' such publicity as I wanted to be taken seriously as an actress. As it transpired I couldn't 'live it down' anyway and to this day get regular fan-mail from Bond fans! I also get lots of mail still from my appearances in six 'Carry On' films and repeats of tv shows.


My first 'Carry On' was in 1965. A small part in 'Carry on Cowboy' I think it was just one day's work on a scene with Sid James. I remember wearing a beautiful dress and how friendly Sid was. I hadn't done any comedy up till then and was very amused by it all. Angela Douglas was in it. I think I was impressed with working with such a reputable, talented actress in such an outrageous comedy. Of course the success of comedy lies in playing it for real but with an acute sense of timing, which is why some very good actors were sublime in the 'Carry On's My next role wasn't until 1970 in 'Carry On Henry' playing a bosom heaving wench! Famously now on You Tube! Then in 1971 I was a factory worker in 'Carry On at Your Convenience' causing trouble for our wc manufacturing boss! I remember the wonderful Miriam Karlin and Kenneth Cope leading us on! 'Carry on Matron' came in 1972, one very funny scene with Terry Scott. In 1973 I played the more substantial part of Dawn Breaks in 'Carry on Girls' (above)and my fight scene with Barbara Windsor has consequently become one of the most frequently observed clips on You Tube! 'Carry on Dick' followed in 1974, where I was held up with Bernard Bresslaw and we were made to surrender our (you guessed it!) clothing! This was the last 'Carry On' to be made and Sid went on to star in TV comedies. I have many more personal memories and observations but you'll have to wait for my book to read these! Sufficient to say that above all they were very good fun to be part of and I'm privileged to have worked with so many memorable comedy actors.

The rest of my work, some of which I'm most proud of is listed on my CREDITS page. It includes some 380 television productions; West End plays; innovatory fringe theatre at the Ambiance in the 60's; 'serious' films like "Trois Chambres a Manhattan" directed by Marcel Carne.

I recently featured in The Power of Three A feel good comedy filmed on location in Belsize Park and Hampstead, that reinvents the myth of middle age, and the role of Dame Margaret was written especially for Me.

Watch a clip below

The Power of Three marks my return to the screen, after I gave up acting in the late 80's to focus on homemaking and caring for my two sons. In the early 90's I moved to the Alpujarras in Andalucia, Spain where I brought to life an old farmhouse, which is completely self-sufficient , and began to draw and paint. Please visit my Permaculture page for more information. In 2006 I held an exhibition of a series of photomontages made from original black & white portraits taken of me during my career as an actress.

These can be viewed and prints purchased on this site.
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